Show 402: High end value cab from Napa!

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  1. Matty says:

    When I read about this I could not beleive it got 95 points from WS for this price, then I tried it and while I like it I think 95 was a little high.

  2. Kate says:

    there single vinyard wines are out of this world!

  3. Scotty says:

    Been busy, but nice to plug in again. At $39.00 if it doesn’t develop, you can just drink up. Give some feedback on how this develops over time, may buy a couple. Haven’t had a Hall for awhile, but one dimensional is how I remember it. Great to see your still rolling these out Chris.

  4. Kenny says:

    I had high hopes at 05 point for $38 while very good not close to great.

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